You're looking to connect your own domain name to your new Onescreener site, but don't have a URL yet? Let us help you with that. 

Onescreener will host the URL, but you will still own it. You can transfer it at any time for no additional cost. 

Here are the costs for the top-level URL's that Onescreener provides:

DOMAIN       PRICE (in CHF, similar to USD, per year)

at                    38
jp                    90
ai                    120
at                    38
ch                   24
cc                   45
net                  24
be                   21
li                     24
nl                    18
co                   45
show              53
com                21
bz                   45
io                    60
online             60
org                  21
me                   38
info                  24
de                    15
asia                 38

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