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How to receive and complete a "Booking Details Request"
How to receive and complete a "Booking Details Request"

Optune enables you to collaborate effortlessly with agents and managers. Simply sign-up, fill-in the details, and hit "send".

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  When an agent sends you a "Booking Details Request", you receive an email from them which includes simple instructions and a link. The link takes you to Optune's "Promoter Signup" page. We ask that you provide an email address and password to use our system - this provides both security for your information, and allows you to collaborate with the agent.

Once you've logged-in, a notification appears with instructions on how to get started.

Welcome to Optune! You're now on the "Request Details" page. At the top left is the
"DUE DATE" for the information, and just under "REQUESTED BY" is the name of the agent. Also make note of the "STATUS" (i.e. the purpose) which in this case is "Details Requested".

You can now begin filling-in each field with the relevant information. Scroll down to find additional drop-down cards.

In case you need to exit the system before you've had a chance to fill-in all of the information, you can simply click "Update Event" at the bottom of the screen. This function saves the information that you've entered thus far, and you can go back later to complete it before the due date.  

When you've finished adding and double-checking the booking details, click "Complete and Send Back" near the top middle of the page. The button now displays "Completed On..." followed by the date. The agent will instantly receive a notification saying that the details have been added. 

After completing and sending the form, or after its due date, you can no longer make changes to it. You can, however, still view the information by selecting the card on your "Personal Dashboard".



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