For a more thorough explanation, read the guides below:

The quickest way to view the availability of your artists is from your "Dashboard".  Below the calendar on the right, click "Availability".

 A list of your artists drops down, and to the right of each name is their availability status: "Free", "Blocked", "On Request", "Pending" and "Show" (i.e. "Confirmed"). Each status corresponds to the date highlighted on the calendar above. Simply click on any date in the calendar, and each artist's availability for that date will appear.

You can also see your artists' availability via the "Bookings" function. In this example, we're going to make a fictional booking to show you how. 

Firstly, click on the "Bookings" tab.

Secondly, get a better overview of what's happening by clicking "Calendar".

As we can see, Ashley Afterhour has a set of blocked dates from September 10th - 13th. Rod Rave is marked as "On Request" for September 16th and 17th. Barbara Bass is confirmed for a gig on September 15th, and Ashley Afterhour has a pending gig for that same date.

Let's add a new booking on September 30th to show you how the availability feature makes your life easier.

Click on the 30th and select "Add Booking".

Here we are at the "Booking Overview". When we select the "ARTIST" field to the left of the page, a drop-down list of all of the artists in our roster appears. As we can see, Ashley Afterhour has a "Pending" gig, Barabra Bass already has a confirmed show, Gilmore Guitars is marked "Free", Rod Rave is marked as "Blocked", and Vince Vibe is "On Request". Therefore, Gilmore Guitars may be booked on the 30th!

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