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How to send a "Booking Details Request" form to a promoter
How to send a "Booking Details Request" form to a promoter

Collect all of the information regarding a booking simply and efficiently by sending this detailed form to the promoter. Here's how:

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Starting at your "Dashboard" or your "Bookings" page, select the artist booking for which you'd like to gain information.  

Now that you're at your "Booking Overview", look to the right of the page and under the heading "Collaboration". Click on "BOOKING DETAILS REQUESTS", and then a "Request Booking Details" card will drop down - select it.  

The "Bookings Details Requests" form appears. In the "SEARCH IN CONTACTS" field, simply type in the name of the promoter or company, and a list of available matches, if they've already been entered into Optune, will drop down. Select the right one, and their name and email address will automatically be added to the form. 

It's also very important to choose a "DUE DATE". This is the date by which the promoter needs to fill out and send back the completed form. After the due date, the promoter no longer has the ability to edit the form, but they can still view it. If for some reason they haven't completed the form by the due date, or if information must be added or changed, just re-send the request, and they will once again have access.

Now that the name and email address of the promoter and the due date have been entered, you can write a "PERSONAL MESSAGE". This is a good chance to explain to the promoter that they should take note of the due date.

Under the "SELECT CONTENT TO SHARE" heading is a series of cards referring to the subjects for which you'd like to draw information (e.g. "DEAL" type, "TICKETS", "FLIGHTS", etc.). You may choose which of these subjects you'd like to share with the promoter, and which you'd like to keep off of the form (i.e. perhaps you already have the artist's flight details?). We've set the default position for each as "SHARED". Simply click the button to the right of each card to exclude that particular content from being added.

Now that you've decided which information you need from which promoter by which date, you can click "Share" at the bottom of the page. An email is sent to the address entered on the form, and the promoter will receive a notification to accept your request. They simply have to sign-up or login to Optune to access the form, and then they have the opportunity to complete it and send it back to you. You'll be notified when they've done so. To get an idea of what exactly the promoter will see and have to do when you share the form, follow this link. Optune. Collaboration made easy!

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