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How to remove an artist from my agency
How to remove an artist from my agency

If an artist is no longer your client, you can easily remove them from your agency's roster.

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Starting from your Dashboard, go the drop-down menu and select "ARTISTS".

Choose the artist who you would like to remove from your agency and click the "Remove artist" button at the very bottom of the artist's page.

If the artist has their own Optune profile and editing rights, they will receive an email about the removal. All functions and bookings will be maintained for the artist.

If the artist has their own profile but only reading rights, they will receive a notification about the removal. They'll still see the existing bookings but won't be able to add new ones. If the artist wants to use their profile with all functions, we suggest giving them editing rights before the removal.

If the artist doesn't have their own Optune profile, the bookings and data will no longer be accessible.

If you've removed an artist by accident, just re-add them as described in the article "Add a new member to your artist's crew".

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