1. Go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/optune/#installation and download the WordPress Gig Calendar Plugin.

2. Go to your own Wordpress website. In the menu on the left side, you can see the subject "Plugins" - click on it and choose "Add New".

3. Upload the .zip-Document that you just downloaded in the first step.

4. Your Optune plugin is now visible in the "Plugins" menu. Check to see if it's activated.

5. You should now see “Optune Gigs” in the menu to the left. Select it and enter your "Optune Username" (artist name).

6. Choose "draft" as the "Default Post Status". If you choose “publish”, new gigs will be automatically published before you can double-check them. Now "Save Changes". 

There! Your gigs are now visible on your site!

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