You can determine the status of your booking when it's entered into Optune. This status can either be "Pending", "Confirmed", "Completed" (paid) or "Canceled".

Instead of having to contact your agent and team members directly, you can simply adjust the status of your booking. They will be notified about your update to the booking, and can then see its status and progress.


  1. Where to change the status

  2. The normal process of a booking and the meanings of the statuses.


1. Where to change the status

Open up the Booking Overview by clicking on the booking you'd like to manage.
You'll see all of the booking details on this page, as well as the booking "Status" on the upper left.

Here you can also choose to publish the booking at whichever status you've set it. 

2. The normal process of a booking and the meanings of the statuses.

  • The first status of a new booking is always "Pending". The booking is neither confirmed by the artist nor paid - you just received the booking request. If you like, you can already mark such a booking in your Optune account with the "Pending" status.

  • The second status is "Confirmed". The booking is confirmed by the artist and definite, but the artist is still not yet paid. The information about the booking ISN'T visible yet in the public feed (until it is published). 

  • The third status is "Completed". The booking is done and paid

  • If needed, there is also a fourth status, "Canceled". The booking was canceled for some reason, but you can re-open it at anytime and adjust the status accordingly. 

Finally, the Publish button to the right of the statuses allows you to share your booking or keep it visible only within Optune. When published, it's now visible in your public calendar feed, your facebook tab "Upcoming Shows" and public gig website

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