Here's an overview of the most important procedures to get you successfully using Optune:

1.) Add your bookings by pressing the plus button on the lower right corner:

2.) Show your bookings to the world by integrating them on your website and Facebook. This way, the gigs will be synchronized automatically with the public gigs entered into your account.

3.) Integrate the Booking Request form on your website to get more bookings. The requests will appear in your account. This way, you won't have to import the dates by hand. As an option, you can send a link of the Booking Request form to potential bookers.

4.) Update your Artist Profile and create a Public Profile Page to promote yourself and get more bookings.

5.) Install the Web App on your mobile phone to access Optune from wherever you like.

6.) Synchronize your bookings with your personal calendar so that you don't have to enter the dates more than once.

7.) Build a team! You can add members to your team in order to collaborate on and keep up-to-date with bookings.

8.) Create invoices for your gigs automatically and send them to your bookers.

9.)  Are you working with an agency? Invite your agency to work with you on Optune. This will make collaborating on the booking process even easier.

10.)  Keep an overview of everything on the main page, your Personal Dashboard, and feel free to ask us any questions - we're happy to help!

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