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Adding the "Book Now" button to your Facebook page
Adding the "Book Now" button to your Facebook page

Get more gigs by linking Optune's Booking Request Form directly to your Facebook.

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In addition to displaying your upcoming gigs on your Facebook page, you can easily add a Book Now button that links to your Booking Request Form on Optune. 

Note: When someone sends you a booking request via the Book Now button, you will conveniently receive a notification within your Optune account rather than through Facebook. 


Go to your Facebook artist page and click on the + Add a Button tab just below your banner image/ header. Choose the Link to Website option. 

Now you're prompted to enter the URL of the site to which you want to link. In this case, you want to enter the one for your Booking Request Form in your Optune account. 

In a new browser, go into your Optune account and select Artist Profile from the drop down menu.

Scroll down and click on the Artist Profile tab. Then click on the Booking Request button just below the photo/banner. Copy the URL in your browser.

Return to your Facebook page and paste the link into the pop-up field and hit Save.

Now your Facebook page is equipped with a Book Now button! 

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