How should I implement Optune in my daily activities?

1. Complete your Artist Profile! 

Only completed Profiles are visible and will appear OnStage.
To learn more, you can take a tour (tours work best on a desktop device) or read the FAQ.

2. Create “Book me” buttons and link to your Booking Request form. Search for your (completed) Artist Profile on OnStage and copy its URL or use the Artist Profile link.

  • Facebook: Add a “Book now” button
  • Soundcloud: Create a “Book me” Link
  • E-Mail Signature Example:

Tom Maximum
DJ Maximum
For bookings: *add OnStage URL or artist profile Link*

3. Implement the Upcoming Gigs widget on your homepage and on Facebook like this. If you are using Onescreener already, that’s even easier - just add the Upcoming Gigs link. 

These feeds will automatically show all the gigs you choose to publish.

4. Implement Calendar Feed like this or take a tour. Share it with your bandmates or collaborators so that they also have the information. Your calendar will then contain the gig info you wish to display.

5. Create a shortcut on your mobile like this. Optune is not for download. You need to login online to use it. 

Marketing Ideas

OK, first of all, let's talk about some basics: Artist should make art and shouldn't handle marketing, management, administration... But nowadays we have to.
So let's dive into it.
Of course the basic is good music or a good show to perform somewhere. 

Get your appearance right:
Marketing standards for artists

The best material won't get you on a stage, when you are out of reach or send the wrong signals...

Our Top music conferences for touring artists

One way or another, you will need trust and help. Besides all digitalization of the industry, it's still a people business in the core.

Third: endurance!
The one silver bullet that gets you successfull overnight doesn't exist. If your not an exception, your success will be a result of having good material, performing it well, making a good impression, making the right connections and contiously work on that.

Adminstration eats a lot of time. A LOT! Make your job and that of bookers as easy as possible. You should concentrate on writing and releasing continuously new material and they should on getting you booked... Not on paperwork! Being well organized doesn't cost time, it makes you being more effective.

1. Make it easy for agents and promoters to book you! How you can do that?

Implement the booking request form wherever possible! It's way faster and more professional than doing it by mail.

Link your artist profile wherever possible!
Paste it in the about section on facebook, on instagram, create a "book me" link on your soundcloud page... All the places bookers would scan anyway when browsing through artist that might fit their billing...
They got those links there, the press kit, they can immediately book you... And the'll love getting just one link if you contact them.

2. Automate your feeds! Don't do it manually!

Implement the upcoming-gigs-feed wherever possible. All shows set on "confirmed" will automatically apear there. 

Implement your calendar feed (and so should your crew - if you have one). All dates, information will show on your digital calendar. This avoids double bookings (very unprofessional), misunderstandings, helps staying organized etc.
Believe me. Mistakes happen. And one mistake (eg. double booking) can change an important bookers mind from Go! to No!

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