Having to type in everything two or three times is annoying and inefficient. That's why we've made it possible to easily stream artist bookings, both those of a singular artist and those from your entire roster, to artist and agency websites. This works especially for Squarespace, Wix or any other website that allows you to embed an HTML code.


If you'd like to include a ticket-purchasing link next to your gig listings, please see this FAQ for detailed instructions.


  1. Stream bookings of a singular artist
  2. Stream bookings of entire roster

Here is how you can stream the bookings of a singular artist described in 4 simple steps:

1. Open the menu.

2. Select your artist roster.

3. Find the artist on your list and click "PUBLIC WEBPAGES / CALENDAR FEEDS".

4. Copy-paste the embed code to the website on which you want it to appear.
There are two different embed codes:

  • Dark Theme is for websites with a light background
  • Light Theme is for websites with a dark background

And here is how you can stream the bookings of your entire roster

Open the menu and select "AGENCY".

Now that you're at your "Agency Overview", scroll down and click on the "PUBLIC WEBPAGES / CALENDAR FEEDS" tab.

A menu of embed codes drops down. As seen in the instructions above for streaming the bookings of a singular artist, you can choose the "GIG WIDGET EMBED CODE" for either a dark theme or a light theme. Simply copy-paste this code into the desired website, and all of the bookings from your entire roster of artists will be streamed.


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