From your Dashboard, go to the drop-down menu and select "Agency".

At the "Agency Overview" page, scroll down and click on the "PUBLIC WEBPAGES / CALENDAR FEEDS" card. It will drop down, and you will see a selection of embed codes.  

At the bottom of the list to the left, there is the "BOOKING REQUEST WIDGET EMBED HTML CODE". Optune has set the default code to display the FULL BOOKING REQUEST form which includes all relevant information fields. If you would like to have this full version on your website, simply copy-paste the code to the site on which you want it to appear.

If you would like to shorten the form to exclude such fields as "event details" or "venue", then you must copy-paste the code into your browser and make the adjustments as follows. 

You will see that the code includes characters like "eventdetails=show&venue=show". This means that those particular subjects will appear as information fields on your form. To exclude them, you must manually replace the word "show" with the word "hide". For example, having "venue=hide" will remove that field from the form, making it more simple.  

<embed src="" width=100% height=1800px frameborder="0"/>

Please keep in mind, that if you hide several fields from the form, you will also need to adjust the height of the form so that it appears neatly on your website. To do this, simply look towards the end of the code (shown above), and change the "height" portion to something less than the given 1800px. 

Here is what the form looks like with several fields hidden, leaving only the essential ones:

After you have adjusted the code accordingly, and pasted it into your website, you may now expect promoters to fill out the form and send requests to you. When this occurs, you will see a notification in your Optune account.  

From your Dashboard, you can see that you have one or more notifications showing over the "REQUEST" marker under your "Upcoming Bookings". Click on the artist whose request you want to see.

This brings you to the Booking Overview. At the top left of the page, the "Status" of the booking will say "Request". After you've received the form from the promoter, and negotiations have been settled, you can click the "Pending" button and then change the status to "Confirmed" when everything is finalized.

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