When you receive a booking request for one of your artists from a promoter, you can simply ask them to fill out this form. 

Go to your Dashboard and select "AGENCY" from the drop-down menu.

This brings you to your "Agency Overview". Scroll down until you see the  "PUBLIC WEBPAGES / CALENDAR FEEDS" card, click on it.

To the left of the page are the various links for copy/pasting and embedding. Choose the one called "MINIMAL BOOKING REQUEST WEBSITE", and click on the "Open in new tab" button to the right. This particular site or form allows you to add more information fields to it (explanation to follow), whereas the "FULL BOOKING REQUEST WEBSITE" directly below does not allow for editing. The "BOOKING REQUEST WIDGET..." is explained in a separate FAQ here.

A new tab opens in your browser and displays the "Booking Request" form.  

As you can see, the information fields are minimal. In order to add more fields to the form, go to your browser and take a look at the second half of the URL (click on it and move your cursor to the right). You will notice that it contains configurations like "venue=hide" and "actdetails=hide". If you REPLACE the word "hide" with the word "show", that particular field will now appear on your form. 

Here's an example where we removed "hide" and replaced it with "show" in order to show the details of the venue ("venue=show" in the URL).

Now the form includes the venue details. To remove them, simply go back to the URL and replace "show" with "hide". 

NOTE: If you wish to send this form/website link using your smartphone, it's easiest to first make the URL adjustments on your PC or laptop, save the adjusted URL in an email or account, and then access it to copy/paste it as desired.

Before you send the form to the promoter, fill in the various fields. The ones marked in red are mandatory. When you come to the "Act" field, a list of the artists in your agency will drop down. Select the one requested by the promoter, add a "Comment" at the end, and then click "Send Request".  A window will appear to tell you that your request has been sent, and that you will be notified within your Optune account.

You can now close the form website and go back to your Dashboard. From here you can see that you have one or more notifications showing over the "REQUEST" marker under your "Upcoming Bookings". Click on the artist whose request you want to see.

This brings you to the Booking Overview for this particular pending booking. At the top left of the page, notice that the "Status" of the booking is "Request". After you've received the form from the promoter, and negotiations have been settled, you can click this button and change the status to "Pending" before marking it as "Confirmed" when everything is finalized.

You may also edit any information you wish on this booking. 

Now, simply wait for the promoter to send back the form, and take it from there.

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