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Set fees and agency commissions on your bookings
Set fees and agency commissions on your bookings

Here is how you set and adjust booking deals, add your agency commission and adjust default commission settings

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To set agency commission and fees, open an existing booking or make a new one (by clicking on the "plus" button in the right bottom corner).

After you've opened a particular booking, you will see the "Booking Overview" page. Select the "DEAL" bar found just below the initial booking information.  

Firstly, you can make a note about the "DEAL TYPE" (e.g. all inclusive, landed, +++, etc.).
Secondly, you can enter the settled fee – the flat deal you made with the promoter or venue – by typing it into the "Guaranteed Artist Fee" tab. As well, define the currency of the fee and the payment method.

Click the arrow at the far right of the "Guaranteed Artist Fee" tab to open two additional fields in which you can enter notes about the fee and its due date. 

Directly below the "Guaranteed Artist Fee" tab are two buttons that allow you to "Add Additional Artist Fee" (e.g. when the deal includes a percentage of the ticket sales) and to "Add Expenses" (e.g. when the artist must pay for their own meals).

When you click on the "Add Additional Artist Fee" or "Add Expenses" tabs, you can enter the fee, currency and payment method. And as before, by clicking the arrow to the right, you can make notes and enter the due date.

Just below the "Artist Fees and Expenses" section, you can find "Commissions". This is where you can assign whether the agency commission is to be included within the artist fee (taken out of the artist's payment mentioned above) or whether it should be added on top of the artist fee.

You can click on the arrow at the far right of the "Agency Commission" tab and further options will drop down. Here you can set the "Commission Type" to be either a percentage of the artist's fee or a flat amount (i.e. "Fix Amount"). Also add notes and the commission due date here.

Directly below the "Agency Commission" tab are two buttons, "Add Manager Commission" and "Add Other Commission". You can click these to enter additional commissions from managers or sub-agents. As before, you can assign these amounts as "incl.", "on top", and as percentages or flat amounts. Feel free to add notes and a due date.

The "Total Fee" box shows you a summary of the fees and how they have been split.

***USEFUL TIP*** As an agency, you have the possibility to either show the artist the commission you take, or to hide it. The default position on Optune is showing the commission fee to your artist. The following steps explain how to set this up. Keep in mind that it is also possible to set a different default position for each artist or booking.
To do so, click the menu button and select "ARTISTS". 

From the artist list on the left, select the artist you want to edit/manage. Their profile will appear, and then click the "Edit" button.

Now you can set the default commission (i.e. "AGENCY COMMISSION") for the selected artist, and choose whether or not you wish for them to see the commission related to their bookings. As mentioned above, Optune's default position is "On", showing the commission to the artist. Select "Off" to hide the commission. You can adjust these settings for each artist or booking at anytime.

Finally, you can also set default positions for whether or not you want your artist to be able to edit the booking details. The Optune default position is "On" for this function. The "PRIVATE COMMENT" field is where you can add remarks that will not be visible to the artist.  

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