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How the contact management works

How to manage your contacts and share them with your artists

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You can reach your contacts by clicking the menu button and selecting "CONTACTS".

You can see your contacts listed in the left sidebar. When you click on one, their information appears to the right. If you wish to change the information, simply click "Edit". You can add new contacts by clicking the button at the bottom right of the page.


Because companies / people often have a billing address that differs from their main address, make sure to add the billing address should you have it. This will also come in useful when you're generating invoices for you bookings.


Optune offers the possibility for you to share booking itineraries with your artists. You can add contacts to an itinerary so that your artists know exactly which contact is related to a particular gig or venue. 

If you wish to add a contact to a booking, select the desired booking, scroll down and click the "CONTACTS" button found directly under the "Itinerary" heading. 

When you start typing in a contact's name, Optune will make suggestions based on those contacts you've already added to your contact library. If Optune doesn't recognize a contact, it will prompt you to add a new one to your library: click "Create new contact" . You can also add "NOTES" to each contact (e.g. "Promoter meeting artist backstage"). The itinerary, including all of the contacts and notes you've added, will be visible to the artist playing the gig.

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