Share an artist's Public Profile Page
Use the Public Profile Page to promote your artists in the best way possible
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The Public Profile Page is a simple page which includes important files, links and information that you can easily share with bookers and venues. It includes:

  • a short description of the artist

  • upcoming gigs

  • a Booking Request form

  • biography

  • tech and hospitality riders 

  • a press kit and links to the artist's social media pages 

Simply copy-paste the link you'll find in the Artist Profile, and send it to the booker or the venue manager.

Here's a preview of the page. Notice the clean format and useful, easy-to-access information! This is the Public Profile Page:

Open up your menu and select "ARTISTS".

Select the artist whose Public Profile Page you want to view.

You can now copy-paste the link "PUBLIC PROFILE PAGE" (green arrow) or just view it in a new tab (red arrow) and send it to whomever. 

Here's an example of what this could look like:

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