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Invite an artist to edit or view your booking activities.
Invite an artist to edit or view your booking activities.

You can allow your artists to collaborate directly with you on their bookings, or to simply view them. Here's how:

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Starting at your Dashboard, go to the drop-down menu on the upper right of the page, and select "ARTISTS".

Now you see a list of your artists to the right. Select which one you'd like to invite to your agency, and their profile information will appear on the left side of the page. 

Click on "Invite Artist" just below their primary info.

A window will pop up prompting you to add the artist's email address and name. You can also choose which "ROLE" you'd like them to have: "Admin", "Member", "Technician", or "Other". In this case, we're chosing "Admin".

Under the "RIGHTS" field, you can decide if you want the artist to be able to make changes to their bookings - "Edit" - or simply to be able to view the activity - "Read Only". We're chosing "Edit" rights. 

Also, under the "CAN SEE DEAL" field, click "Off" or "On". Optune has set the default position for this as "On", meaning that the artist can see the financial information respective to the booking. Feel free to add a "PERSONAL MESSAGE" to the invitation!

Upon filling out the form, click "Send Email" at the bottom of the window. 

The artist will receive an email inviting them to join your agency. If they are not already on Optune, they'll simply have to join by entering their email address and name. 

When they have accepted your invitation, Optune will notify you. Now you can begin collaborating!

You can see the progress of the invitation when you return to the artist's profile. In this case, it's showing "Invited. Waiting for response...".

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