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Adding a member to your Artist Crew

You can invite an additional person to your Optune profile, and allow them to edit or simply view the information on it. It's easy!

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Go to your "Artist Profile" and scroll down to the "Members" section on the left of the page.

Your email address and role are displayed in the dark grey card. Also, you can see your "Rights" to the right of the page, and in this case you have "ADMIN RIGHTS" - you are an administrator of your profile. 

Now select "Add New Member" to invite another person to your profile.  

Here you can enter the relevant infomation about your invitee. Note that you can choose which "ROLE" they have, e.g., "Admin", "Member", "Technician", or "Other". 

Also decide which "RIGHTS" you want them to have. "Edit" means that the member can make changes to your profile and bookings; "Read only" means that they can only view the info. 

Optunes sets the default position for the "Can See Deal" button as "On". If you don't want to share the details of your booking deal with the member, make sure to click "Off". 

Now click "Send Email" at the bottom of the page, an invitation will be sent to the member's email address. They will be asked to sign up to Optune using their name and email address, and then they will be granted access to your profile.

After you've sent the email, you'll arrive back at your Artist Profile where you can now see your new member listed under the "Members" section.

When you select the new member, their information will appear to the right of the page. Scroll down to see their status. In this case, Randy Rad has been invited and you're waiting for a response - you will be notified when they accept the invitation. 

Under the "Rights" section, you can see which rights you have granted them for which parts of your profile. The "Edit Rights" button enables you to easily modify which rights you wish to grant them.  

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