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Add a new team member to your agency
Add a new team member to your agency

Allow another agent to view and edit your artists' bookings

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Starting from your "Dashboard", go to the menu and select "AGENCY".

Now you're at your "Agency Overview". Scroll down until you get to the "Team" heading on the left of your page. Notice that your name is listed first, and that you are the "Administrator" of the site. 

Click on "Add new Team Member".

A window will appear explaining that you must update your subscription in order to include additional agents on your Optune profile. The change in your subscription only occurs if and when the added agent accepts your invitation to join your agency. If they do not, then your subscription remains the same. 

Click "Accept" to continue.

 Once you've accepted to update your plan, you will be prompted to enter the name and email address of the agent you wish to add. Remember to write a short "PERSONAL MESSAGE" to let them know what your goal is. 

When you select "Send Email", the agent will receive the invitation in their inbox. They'll be asked to join Optune using their name and email address, and can then proceed to your agency profile. You will be automatically notified when the agent joins and accepts the request.

Now that the invitation has been sent, you can see that your newly added agent appears under your "Team" heading. Their name, email address and role (in this case, "Agent") are on the left of the card. The "Edit Rights" indicator simply shows that this agent can make changes to the information in your agency profile. "Invited" refers to the pending invitation.  

Upon selecting the agent's card, you'll see that their contact information appears on the right of the page. Displayed here is also the "INVITATION LINK", and the "Rights" section. Notice that Sasha Samba will have "EDIT RIGHTS" to deals, invoices and contracts on your profile when she accepts the invitation.  

Because you've made changes to your "Agency Overview" by adding an agent, you must click "Update Agency" at the bottom of your page. This will save the information that you've changed, and bring you back to the "Dashboard".

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