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How to integrate the Booking Request form widget into your website
How to integrate the Booking Request form widget into your website

Make it easy for promoters to request bookings for your artists.

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Along with embedding the widget, Optune lets you generate a Booking Request form and send it as a link to bookers. For more information about this simple process, please visit this FAQ.


  1. General agency widget

  2. Artist-specific widget (branded)


  1. To integrate a Booking Request form from which promoters can choose an artist from your roster, go to your Dashboard and select AGENCY from the drop-down menu.

At the "Agency Overview" page, scroll down and click on the PUBLIC WEBPAGES / CALENDAR FEEDS card. Then select Booking Request Form Wizard.

A pop-up window will appear. First, choose which theme you would like, Dark (for light background) or Light (for dark background). Then, by clicking on each button, you can choose which information you would like to SHOW on the form, and which information you would like to set as REQUIRED or mandatory. These fields will appear in red on the form. The HEADER button will display your agency's name at the top of the form.

As you include or exclude information fields, the height of the custom embed window will change (see CUSTOM EMBED CODE below). In order to make the embedded window fit nicely into your website, you may adjust the pixel height here. This will allow you to avoid having a scroll bar on the window, keeping it neat and proportional. 

To adjust the colour and font on the Booking Request form, go to the Developer Settings underneath the CUSTOM EVENT PAGE URL.

In this section, you can
a) change the colour of the required fields on the form by inserting the Hex Color Code. To select a colour, you can, for example, google "HEX colour". If you copy the six digits after the hashtag (e.g. 28E200 for green) and paste it into the "COLOUR FOR REQUIRED FIELDS IN HEX" field, the colour will appear on your Booking Request form.

b) change the font by typing in the name of a common CSS Font Family (e. g. Arial, Comic Sans MS, etc.).

c) use your own customized stylesheet by inserting the URL of it. For example, you can use one of the fonts provided by Google ( If you select a font, a window will open. Under the rider "EMBED" -> "STANDARD" you will find the required URL (e. g. for the font "Roboto"). Now, enter the URL into the "STYLESHEET IMPORT URL" field.
To check how it turned out, use the CUSTOM EVENT PAGE URL above.

The CUSTOM EMBED CODE can then be copied and pasted (copy button to the right of code) into most websites including those made with Wix, Squarespace or Wordpress.

Here's an example of the Light theme widget in action.

After you have embedded the form into your website, you may now expect promoters to fill it out and send requests to you. When this occurs, you will receive a notification in your Optune account.  

From your Dashboard, you can see that you have one or more notifications showing over the "REQUEST" marker under your "Upcoming Bookings". Click on the red marker and then select the tab showing the requested artist.

This brings you to the Booking Overview. At the top left of the page, the "Status" of the booking will say "Request". After you've received the form from the promoter, and negotiations have been settled, you can click the "Pending" status button. Afterwards, when everything is finalized, change the status to "Confirmed".


2. Artist-specific widget (branded)

From your Dashboard, go to the drop-down menu and select ARTISTS.

Select an artist from your roster, and click on the PUBLIC WEBPAGES / CALENDAR FEEDS card just below their profile information. The click on the Edit button.

This brings you to the Artist Profile. Scroll down and select the PUBLIC WEBPAGES / CALENDAR FEEDS card. Now click on Booking Request Form Wizard.

As with the general agency widget, choose a Dark or Light theme, decide which information you want to appear on the form by clicking the buttons, and then
simply copy-paste the code to the site on which you want it to appear. 

In comparison to the general agency widget explained above, this one may now contain the name of the artist (turn on the HEADER button), and is ideal for embedding directly into the artist's website. 

Once again you'll receive a notification when a request is sent for this particular artist.

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