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Set "Tour Planned" dates for your artists in the bookings calendar
Set "Tour Planned" dates for your artists in the bookings calendar

Your artist will be on tour for several consecutive dates? Mark them in the calendar, and the artist will be instantly notified.

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Starting from your Dashboard, click on "Bookings" at the top of the page.

In the "calendar" view, find which dates you would like to mark. In this case, we're marking August 12th-16th, 2019. Click on the first tour date and simply drag your cursor over the remaining tour dates. Two buttons will pop-up. Choose "Set Availability".

 The "Set Availability" page appears. 

Enter the artist's name by selecting it from the drop-down list in the "ARTIST" field. Then set the dates as "On Tour" using the button to the right. Include a comment regarding the tour, perhaps most obivously the location. The artist will be able to see this comment when they click on the marked dates in their Optune calendar. Lastly, hit "Add Blocked Dates" at the bottom of the page. 

Upon adding the dates, the artist will instantly receive a notification that you have set a series of dates in the calendar, and they can plan accordingly. NOTE: This is only if the artist already has an Optune artist account which is connected with your agency account.

You're now brought back to the calendar view where you can see that the tour dates have been clearly marked and include the artist's name. You can click on this highlighted bar to access the information about the dates and see or edit the comments that you've already added.  

It's also possible to see which of your artists are on tour from your Dashboard. Just look at the calendar to the right of the page, and below it select "Availability". You will see the list of artists and whether they have that date marked as "Free", "Blocked" or, in this case, "Tour Planned".

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