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How to create To-Do's for a booking

Quickly write and assign tasks to yourself or other agents on your team.

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From your Dashboard, either select a booking from the "Upcoming Bookings" list on the left, or go into your Booking Overview. In this example, we'll choose a booking for the artist Authentic directly from the Dashboard.

Now you're at the Booking Overview. To the right of the page, under "Collaboration", is the "TO DO's" card. Click on it and then select the "Create new To-Do" button.

 A window appears in which you can place the information about the To-Do. Firstly, enter a topic or subject and select a due date for the task. Secondly, when you click on the "ASSIGN TO" field, a list of your agents drops down; choose which agent you want to execute the task. Next, write a short description of the To-Do, and then click "Add" at the bottom.  

Upon adding the To-Do, the agent to whom you've assigned the task will be instantly notified, and you'll be brought back to the Booking Overiew.

To the right of the overview, once again under the "Collaboration" heading, you will see that your "TO DO's" card now displays the task. When you drag your cursor across the To-Do, you are shown options to "Delete", "Open details" about or "Complete" the task.

We've made it easy for your to get an overview of your To-Do's. Go to your Dashboard, and you will see the To-Do's section at the left side of the page. Here you'll also see the new task that we added moments ago. 

The To-Do's are listed in the order of their DUE DATE - the most pressing tasks are first, and the ones with later due dates are pushed to the bottom of the list. At the Dashboard, only five open To-Do's are viewable. In order to see more, including ones that have been completed, either select "Show all" beneath the list, or go to the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

This brings you to the "To-Do's" page. It's simply an overview of the open and completed tasks that you've assigned to yourself and your agents. You can also search for topics within the To-Do's, and add search filters. The options to "Delete", "Open details" or "Complete" the tasks are also provided.

To return to your Dashboard, just click on the Optune logo at the top left of the page.

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