The process is more thoroughly explained here:

When in your "Bookings" overview, you have two different options for accessing existing invoices and for creating new ones. One option is to go to the menu and click "Invoices". 

Here you can manage or delete existing invoices, and review their status (e.g. "Open" or "Paid").

 Under "Templates", you'll find your existing invoice templates and an option to add a new one. Clicking "Add New Template" will bring you to the same procedure as described below in the "Templates" section of this guide.

Your second option for accessing your invoices from your "Bookings" overview is by looking through your list and selecting the booking for which you want to generate an invoice.

Then click on "Invoices". It's right above the "Itinerary" options.

You can now create a new invoice from scratch, or if you've already entered the information for the deal (fees, commissions, etc.), you can select a "Quick-add" option (e.g. "Add Invoice for Total Fee"). The "Quick-add" option automatically enters all of the information related to the deal directly into the invoice.


When in the "Create new Invoice" menu, you can now select from an existing  template or create a new one by typing a name in the top middle field. If you choose an existing template, all billing information will be automatically filled in.
If you need to make any adjustments you can do so by editing the single fields.

When creating a new template, you need to fill out all of the information that you would like to have saved in the template. The following steps explain the single fields.

On the left you can type in the billing address. This address will be saved to the new template.
(Your agency's logo shown on the invoice can be changed in your agency settings, or simply by clicking and/or dragging a new file into the box below it)

Scroll down to the fields on the right where you can type in the customer reference number, invoice number, the invoice issuing date and the payment due date.
Give the invoice a title to make sure that it's purpose is clear. You can also write an introduction text to further clarify.
This information will also be saved to the new template.

Under "Payment Positions", you can set the currency, the tax/vat percentage and, if needed, add further payment positions.

If you want to add any text, such as your company's footer text, you can simply type it into the "Closing Text" field.
Make sure that you've stated your terms and conditions, and that you've entered your account information, including your banking details.

Lastly, click on "Preview Print" in the upper right corner. You can now double-check and print the invoice as a pdf.

If you like, you can now save the new invoice as a template. The next time you use this template the billing information will be filled in automatically.

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