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How to use the Collaborators feature

Share all of the details or selected details of a booking with your collaborators

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: Whereas the Booking Details Request feature lets you ask collaborators or promoters to send you more info about a booking, the Collaborators feature lets you share the existing info with anyone inside or outside of your contacts list via a secret link.


Starting from your Dashboard or your Bookings, select the booking you would like to share.

Assuming that you have filled in most or all of the information for that particular booking, scroll down to the bottom of the Booking Overview.

You'll see the Collaborations section including COLLABORATORS on the left and BOOKING DETAILS REQUESTS on the right. 

When you click on the COLLABORATIONS tab, a list of the contacts who are already associated with the booking (you, the artist, the promoter) will drop down. They are marked as INTERNAL and can edit the booking. 

To share the booking info with someone outside of the INTERNAL contacts, click on the Add Contact as Collaborator button.

The Collaborator Form appears in a pop-up window. In the first field, enter the name of the person and select it from the drop-down menu displaying your current contact list. Or, click on the Create new contact button at the bottom of the list

When you do this, you'll be taken to a contact form in order to enter and save that person's information. You're then brought back to the Collaborator Form. 

You'll now see the new collaborator's contact info at the top of the form. Write a personal message and decide which information you'd like to share with this person. For example, if you DO NOT want them to see the details regarding payment amounts and contracts, then click the green button at the right of the tab (when it is grey, that info will not appear in the form). 

After you've chosen which info you would like your new collaborator to see, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Share button. You'll be notified if the share was successful. 

The collaborator will receive an email which includes a secret link or URL that takes them directly to the booking overview where they can review the booking information. They are also given the opportunity to SIGN UP for their own Optune account, as well as to CONNECT directly with your agency for future collaboration. 

That being said, the collaborator is not obligated to sign up or connect in order to view the booking info. 

Here is an example of what the collaborator will see:

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